People Over 100 Years Old Reveal Secrets

While eating right is an obvious contributor to getting a long and healthy life, there are some good things that must turn into habits to get a chance to reach a hundred years enjoying life.

Most of the centenarians who participated in this research from UnitedHealthcare ([email protected] Survey) say that they keep a good social connection, spiritual activity, and regular exercise. Getting enough sleep (at least 8 hours a day) was also mentioned.

There are 53,364 recorded centenarians in the U.S. and most of them are women, according to United States Census Bureau. The exact ratio is 20.7 men for every 100 women. But do you know that 85.7 percent of these centenarians are living in urban areas and are enjoying life where there is higher population density?

And if you are curious to know, the urban area with the largest number of centenarians is California, followed by New York, Florida, and Texas. Given the lifestyles and determination of baby boomers to reach one hundred, the number of centenarians in the U.S. shall increase by the year 2050 (over 600,000).

Social connection

While most young people prefer today’s online social networks, a full 89 percent of the centenarians also say they have good communication with loved ones or friends. This also involves playing with grandchildren. 80 percent confess laughing almost daily.

In a separate study, experts indicate that having a large network of friends can influence good health and longevity.

Spiritual activity

The [email protected] Survey reports a good 67 percent of the centenarians say they pray or participate in spiritual activity.

Regular exercise

Good exercise also keeps the centenarians going. A full 51 percent of them say they exercise almost daily. Speaking of exercise, some experts believe that if you can spend at least 2 hours of exercise per week, this is enough to keep you in good shape. But of course, you need to support it with proper nutrition.

When it comes to eating right, 80 percent of the centenarians say they eat healthy balanced meal. This somehow supports a separate study indicating why many ancient people lived much longer than today’s generation. The study indicates that many of our ancestors lived longer because they ate a balanced meal – healthy seasonal foods that nature provided them.

Although, the modern man faces different struggles to keep himself healthy, such as, high cholesterol foods that are readily available everywhere; busy work schedules that can take away time for exercise; pollution; vices; and so on, he can still choose to stay healthy if he wishes to.