Most Popular Soccer Cleats of 2021

by | Updated on September 3, 2021
most popular soccer cleats
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The most popular soccer cleats this year are control and speed cleats coming from two of the most famous brands on the market – Nike and Adidas. They are tried and tested football boots for the 2020-21 season and trusted by professional soccer players who want only the best performance on the soccer field.

These soccer cleats have upper materials that can bring the foot closer to the ball for better touch and control. They have aggressive soleplates that not only deliver optimal grip and control of the ground but are also built for rapid acceleration with excellent support for quick multidirectional movements.

If you are looking for soccer cleats with such capabilities, we present to you the top 5 boots that will surely perform very well in your current field position. For best performance, choose the top-end model.

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Most Popular Soccer Shoes of 2021

– Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 and Superfly 8 Elite –

nike mercurial vapor 14
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Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 and Superfly 8 are the most popular soccer cleats this year with a massive 51% of professional soccer players using them in various field positions. These speed cleats can be seen being used in forward, midfield, defender, and even goalkeeper roles.

The Vapor 14 is the more popular boot of the two, which has a low-cut design that gives the ankle more freedom of movement. These new models are arguably the best Mercurials ever made. And they are always dependable on the ground with superb comfort, flexibility, support, and shock absorption.

The Vapor and Superfly have Flyknit upper materials, which offer a more barefoot-like touch on the ball because they are stripped down of unnecessary elements that would distract performance. These new Mercurials use Nike Aerotrak 2 soleplate, an aggressive soleplate considered by many as the best in straight-line acceleration. The soleplate also offers excellent traction for multidirectional movements.

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– Adidas X Speedflow.1 –

adidas x speedflow.1
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Perhaps many of us didn’t expect the much improved previous model, the X Ghosted.1, to still get better on this new model in terms of fit and performance. But Adidas didn’t only improve this new lace-up speed cleat, but it has also made its new laceless boot, the X Speedflow+, better. It’s Messi’s new soccer cleat and it’s also suitable for the most agile players of the game.

Adidas X Speedflow.1 has a major update in upper material and construction, which made it the softest upper among speed cleats. Not only that, the new PRIMEKNIT upper is more pliable and more supportive than its predecessor thanks to its new Engineered Agility Frame. The outsole continues to use the famous Carbitex SpeedFrame.

The models of Adidas X are the second most popular soccer cleats this year and they have over 1,200 soccer players using them in major competitions.

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– Adidas Predator Freak.1 –

adidas Predator Freak .1 Low
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Adidas Predator Freak.1 is the most popular control cleat on the market today. It uses CONTROLFRAME outsole with a mixed blade and round studs, which offers optimal grip and control of the ground.

It has new materials that feel more premium than its predecessor. And there are more rubber spikes on the upper than before, designed to grip the ball for total control. These spikes can also make the ball swerve when shooting.

The models of Adidas Predator are the third most popular soccer shoes with over 1,000 soccer players using them in high-level competitions. They are most famous in midfield and defensive positions.

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– Nike Phantom GT2 Elite-

nike phantom gt2
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Nike Phantom GT2 is Phantom Venom and Phantom Vision combined. While the two previous models are still very popular among soccer players, the Phantom GT2 will give you a hybrid performance that can take on any role on the soccer field.

This new model feels like a wide Mercurial and is most suitable for wide-footed players. It has a one-piece Flyknit upper with an improved generative texture (GT) for better control of the ball. You don’t have to worry about playing in wet and dry conditions because it has All Conditions Control (ACC) technology, which provides the same level of friction regardless of field condition.

The models of Nike Phantom GT are the fourth most popular soccer shoes with over 900 players using them in high-level competitions. This new model uses Hyperquick soleplate system, a smooth soleplate that can do it all on the soccer field.

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– Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Elite –

nike tiempo legend 9
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Nike Tiempo Legend 9 is arguably the best leather cleat when it comes to support and performance. It’s now more lightweight than its predecessor and has improved well in the speed category.

The legendary soft k-leather upper now has new soft foam pods underneath, which offer a more barefoot touch on the ball. The upper also has a raised texture for more grip. Overall, it delivers better dribbling, passing, and shooting than the product it replaces.

The models of Nike Tiempo Legend haven’t changed much when it comes to comfort and support. They are always dependable on the ground with the same premium leather upper that can shield your foot from impact. The Legend is fifth on the list with over 800 professional players using it in major competitions.

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Final Thoughts

The most popular soccer cleats this year aren’t just famous for their brand names but are tried and tested boots in major competitions. To experience the best versions of these football boots, go for the top-end models. They are the most expensive models but have the best materials and technologies that can help bring out the best in you.

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