Messi Cleats (the Boots He Wore Through the Years)

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If you have a role on the soccer field similar to Lionel Messi, it is wise to keep track of his latest soccer cleats. While the magician’s boots may always be slightly customized to his liking, they’ll give clues on the type of technologies that work best for him.

Messi is one of the most creative and agile players who have played on the soccer field. Even now that he has reached 34 years old, it’s still almost impossible to beat him in a one-to-one situation. His game will always involve a lot of dribbling, rapid acceleration, sharp directional changes, and sudden full stops.

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Having played for FC Barcelona for several years, Messi has helped the club win dozens of titles in the major league and tournaments. Although other famous forwards may surpass him in the number of goals, the quality of goals he makes tells a lot about how good he is.

Messi’s football boots have always been Adidas. And if you are an Adidas fan, these soccer cleats are definitely worth trying even once in your life as a soccer player.

Messi Cleats 2022

– Adidas X Speedflow.1 –

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Adidas X Speedflow.1 is Messi’s latest football boot, and it’s arguably the best speed cleat Adidas has ever made. It has the softest upper among speed cleats thanks to its premium PRIMEKNIT material, which offers a more pliable and supportive fit than its predecessor, the X Ghosted.1. The heel cushioning has also improved, which helps secure the entire rearfoot region to reduce foot slippage.

The upper has a new Engineered Agility Frame technology, which provides structured support that helps lock the foot down for better stability in every direction. It has a Carbitex SpeedFrame outsole with a carbon insert in the forefoot for fast acceleration and instant transfer of power through the foot at toe-off. See full review »

Adidas X Speedflow.1 directly competes with the Nike Mercurials and PUMA Ultra 1.3.

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– Adidas X50 Flow.1 –

adidas X50 Flow.1
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Adidas X50 Flow.1 is a special edition football boot, which may have a few items on the market. It’s a speed cleat with inspiration from F30 boots that Messi wore 15 years ago, where he scored that famous goal against Getafe.

This soccer cleat has an old-school design with modern construction. It has a thin upper material similar to the X Ghosted.1, which brings the foot closer to the ball for barefoot-like touch. And it uses Carbon Fiber SpeedFrame, designed to empower your stride during explosive take-offs.

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– Adidas Nemeziz 19.1 –

adidas nemeziz 19.1
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Adidas Nemeziz 19.1 is the last agility boot of Messi. Even with introducing Adidas’ new agility boot, the Nemeziz.1, he continued to wear this version. The models of Adidas Nemeziz are the 6th most popular soccer cleats, with over 420 professional players using them in high-level competitions.

Messi used the Nemeziz 19.1 for nearly a couple of years. It has Tensiontape technology on the upper, designed to provide excellent support for quick cuts and lateral movements.

The upper is thicker than any speed cleat, which may also provide protection from impact injury. It has a soleplate, which provides support for multidirectional movements with conical-like studs for extra stability and better performance.

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Final Thoughts

This year has been interesting for Messi as he switched soccer cleats not once but twice before the 4th quarter. Will he change footwear before the end of the year? There is not an obvious answer to that.

But the Argentinian star has now shifted to speed cleats. And it’s becoming clearer that his current football boot, the X Speedflow.1, isn’t just excellent on straight-line acceleration, but also has the agility features that can empower the most agile players of the game.

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