Key Online Shopping Dates You Shouldn’t Miss

The Internet is already known for its never ending daily shopping deals from anniversary sale, holiday sale, webmaster’s birthday sale to special sale. But there are key online shopping dates you shouldn’t miss as they are marked with “never-thought-of” serious big discounts.

These dates are worth the wait but they all fall between November and December of each year. During this period, online retail stores make billions of dollars but buyers save big cash as well because during these dates a wide variety of quality products are available for sale at super low prices.

Here are 3 key online shopping dates you should not miss:

(1) Black Friday (also known as Cyber Black Friday). This day has always surpassed the $1 billion daily threshold in total online spending. Black Friday marks the beginning of online holiday shopping, following Thanksgiving Day which is 4th Thursday of November in the U.S.

Next Black Friday: November 27, 2020

(2) Cyber Monday. This day has the largest recorded online spending in the U.S. With a total of $1.46 billion spent, Cyber Monday was a day of huge online discounts which continued until Tuesday. Cyber Monday is the first Monday after Black Friday.

Next Cyber Monday: November 30, 2020

(3) Green Monday. This is the 3rd heaviest online spending day in the U.S. With a total of $1.275 billion in online sales, Green Monday is especially described by eBay as the best sales day in December, a Monday that is at least 10 days before Christmas day.

Next Green Monday: December 14, 2020

Other dates to remember are first Monday and Tuesday of December because these are also the days with huge sales.

P.S. If you are shopping for physical products, take note of the Free Shipping Day, which is usually scheduled in the middle of December where over a thousand online retailers offered free shipping.

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