Fat Loss Exercises that Rapidly Burn Belly Fat

Popular study indicates that majority of the questions people ask about health and fitness would revolve around the issue on how to lose the stubborn belly fat. Scientific findings blame excess abdominal fat for various life-threatening illnesses. In fact, excess belly fat is sometimes equaled to smoking a pack of cigarette a day that it stays in our body.

While healthy foods can greatly help fight excess abdominal fat, there are fat loss exercises that are considered better than direct abdominal exercises when it comes to melting off the ab fat.

5 Top Fat Loss Exercises

Below are top fat loss exercises that rapidly burn belly fat (some will surprise you):

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Lunges are exceptional lower body exercises that will truly shape your gluts, hamstring, and quads quickly. This exercise will strengthen your lower body; target large muscle groups; and increase your metabolic rate.

How to perform lunges:

  1. Step forward into a deep lunge, as low as possible but don’t make your knee touch your ankle.
  2. Put your hind leg forward (same as walking) to perform the next lunge.
  3. You may perform up to 30 lunges.

If you want quick results, add weights or resistance to your lunges. To do this place a resistance band around your legs or hold two light dumbbells and place them to your sides.

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With deadlift exercise you will be able to build up great strength in your legs, back, and grip. A strong back will give you a better posture that will prevent lower back pains. Deadlift exercise will also help you develop the proper technique of lifting objects in everyday life.

How to perform deadlift:

  1. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart.
  2. Straighten your back and keep chest up and look forward.
  3. Starting with a standing position, slightly bend your knees and pull your hips back, then push back up to standing position.

Upon learning the techniques used in deadlift exercise, you will also improve your front squat and renegade dumbbell rows.

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This exercise is oftentimes used in aerobics. The up and down movement in step exercise employ the hamstring, gluteal, hip, and thigh muscles. It’s easy to carry out this exercise and the benefits are great.

Step exercise

  1. strengthens bones and prevents osteoporosis;
  2. strengthens heart and lungs;
  3. most movements are low impact and gentle to joints, bones, and muscles;
  4. improves cardio; and
  5. improves coordination

This exercise is best performed with a group, where you can move together and have fun.

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Renegade Dumbbell Rows

Renegade dumbbell rows is a very good exercise for the upper body and the mid section. This exercise requires great stabilization strength from the abdominal muscles.

How to perform renegade dumbbell rows:

  1. Start this exercise in a push-up position with your hands on the two dumbbells of your choosing.
  2. Pull either left or right arm up until your wrist reaches your side.
  3. While you pull up one arm, make sure your other arm is firmly keeping your balance.
  4. Put down the arm that you just raised back to the ground, and then pull the other arm up until your wrist reaches your side again.

You’ll notice that your mid section will workout hard throughout this exercise.

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Running makes you burn up to 1,000 calories in 1 hour of training. This is the reason why long distance runners have very lean bodies. This is the top cardio exercise that will work your entire mid-section and will stimulate fat burning hormones in your body. Running targets large group of muscles and makes you work your entire body.

Health benefits of running are:

  • healthy heart and lungs;
  • rapid weight loss;
  • strong bones and muscles;
  • healthy mind and powerful brain;
  • good sleep;
  • stress reliever;
  • improved immune system; and
  • improved complexion and younger looks

Caution: Running belongs to high impact exercises and is not recommended if you are highly overweight.

Other Full-body Exercises that Fight Belly Fat

Here are other fat loss exercises you’ll see recommended by top weight loss programs:

  • Hanging leg raise
  • Front squat
  • Mountain climbers
  • Clean & presses
  • Kettlebell exercises
  • Swimming

Example Barbell Complex Sequence

  1. 1 rep:  barbell clean and press from floor (explosive lift of barbell from floor to “catch” on front shoulders in one motion, then push-press overhead);
  2. 1 rep:  barbell back to thighs, then hang clean (explosively pull bar from knees and “catch” the bar at shoulders);
  3. 1 rep:  keep barbell at shoulders, then front squat;
  4. 1 rep:  barbell back to thighs, bend over, then bent over row;
  5. 1 rep:  barbell back to thighs, then finish with Romanian deadlift
  6. repeat each rep of the sequence 2-3 times

Example Kettlebell Complex Sequence

  1. one arm swing
  2. one arm snatch, keep the bell over head
  3. one arm overhead squat
  4. bell back down to bottom, then one arm high pull
  5. bell back down to bottom, then one arm clean & press
  6. repeat sequence with opposite arm

Example Dumbbell Complex

  1. dumbbell squat and push-press
  2. front lunge with one leg, then the other
  3. back lunge with one leg, then the other
  4. curl to overhead press
  5. keep dumbbells at shoulders and squat
  6. repeat sequence 2-3 times