Best Volleyball Shoes

In this famous game where a lot of tossing, spiking, and blocking are invovled, you’d want to be in total control of every second you have on the volleyball court. While individual athletic skills make up a valuable player, you can be at your very best if you’re wearing the right volleyball shoes.

Invented in 1895, volleyball was originally preferred to be an indoor sport, a mixture attributed from tennis and handball, but now it can be seen in famous outdoors like beach. As the rules were refined and developed overtime, volleyball became part of the Olympics and is now considered one of today’s most famous sports with a constantly increasing number of heavy following.

The best volleyball shoes can help maximize your athletic effort, whether if you’re a setter, outside hitter, middle hitter, opposite hitter, or a defensive specialist, to achieve your ultimate goal, that is to help score as many points as you can on the other team’s court to win the game. The right shoes also have excellent cushioning that can protect your feet from any injury regardless of sudden shift of movement.

Best Volleyball Shoes for Women

1. ASICS Gel-Flashpoint 2
2. ASICS Gel-Volleycross Revolution
3. ASICS Gel-1150V
4. ASICS 1140 V
5. ASICS Gel-Domain 3
6. ASICS Gel-Sensei 4
7. Mizuno Wave Bolt 3
8. Mizuno Wave Lightning Z
9. Mizuno Wave Rally 5
10. Mizuno Wave Lightning RX3
11. Mizuno Wave Tornado 8
12. Nike Volley Zoom Hyperspike
13. Adidas Vuelo CC
14. Adidas Opticourt VB 8.5
15. Adidas Performance Volley Team 2

Best Volleyball Shoes for Men

1. ASICS GEL-Domain 3
2. ASICS GEL-Flashpoint 2
3. ASICS GEL-Volleycross 4 MT
4. ASICS GEL-Volley Lyte
5. ASICS GEL-1130V
6. ASICS GEL-Volley Elite
7. ASICS GEL-Sensei 5
8. ASICS GEL-Rocket 5
9. Mizuno Wave Lightning Z
10. Mizuno Wave Lightning RX3
11. Mizuno Wave Bolt 3
12. Mizuno Wave Lightning 7
13. Adidas Opticourt VB 8.5
14. Adidas Court Stabil 10
15. Adidas 6-3-1 Team CC

Did you know that volleyball first became a part of Summer Olympic Games in 1964?

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