Best Soccer Shoes for Underpronation (Elevated/High Arch)

Apply superior cushioning and support in the heel and forefoot using the best soccer cleats for underpronation (supination) which are flexible and supportive

Featured cleat: Nike Premier II FG

Underpronation (or supination) is the roll of foot that forces your smaller toes and outer edge of your foot to receive majority of the impact at foot landing until toe-off. This is your foot’s natural response to maintain balance and stability of your whole body every time you make contact with the ground. If you have an elevated arch or high arch, you’ll tend to oversupinate.

While safety is less challenged when you walk only, it’s when you run where potential problems will start to occur because your foot will also start to receive impact of at least three times your body weight. It’s a given fact that the arch of those who supinate already absorbs impact well, so the much needed cushioning or support for supinators should be in the heel and forefoot.

Ignoring underpronation can result to accidents and injury on the soccer pitch because it will cause the smaller toes, which are the weaker parts of your foot, to work harder than usual. Since your smaller toes are not designed to receive majority of the body weight, they’ll have the tendency to get injured as physical activity increases. The challenge is how you can align your foot so you’ll have proper weight distribution across the entire foot surface (not just the heel and forefoot) to soften the impact as you run.

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What are the best soccer cleats for supinators?

The best soccer shoes for underpronation (or supination) are the most neutral cushioned shoes. Since majority of the soccer shoes have neutral designs with regular arch supports to minimalist designs, the most flexible and most cushioned cleats are the ones that supinators should look for.

The modern soccer cleats, especially the ones designed by top brands, are already built with great stability in mind especially for lateral movements, so, they’re also expected to be fully capable of correcting irregular running pattern as well, like supination.

Most of these brands don’t state that their shoes are orthopedic (or they stay away from any orthopedic claim) so including their shoes in the list were based on actual consumer reviews and testimonials. We hope that these shoes will work for you as well.


best soccer shoes underpronation

Best Soccer Cleats for Supinators

Here’s a list of the best soccer shoes for underpronation (in no particular order):

best soccer shoes underpronation1. adidas X 18+ Purespeed FG
2. adidas X 18.1 FG
3. adidas X 18.2 FG
4. adidas Copa Mundial
5. adidas Copa Gloro 17.2 FG
9. PUMA evoSPEED 1.5 Tricks FG
10. PUMA King Top FG

best soccer shoes underpronation11. Mizuno Morelia Neo II (MIJ)
12. Mizuno Rebula V1 Japan
13. Nike Phantom Vision Elite
14. Nike Phantom Venom Elite
15. Nike Premier II FG
16. Nike Phantom Vision Pro
17. Nike Phantom Venom Pro
18. ASICS DS Light X-Fly 2 MS
19. Under Armour Magnetico Premiere
20. Under Armour Magnetico Pro

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Even though, your foot’s biomechanics may change as you grow older, sticking to your most comfortable brand is oftentimes a great practice.

best soccer shoes underpronation

Best Turf Soccer Shoes for Underpronation

If you’re looking for better comfort and support, choose turf soccer shoes during practice. These shoes are more flexible than the regular soccer shoes. Turf shoes enable you to move freely and easily due to the smaller protrusions (which is usually made of rubber) with very little spacing. Turf soccer shoes also absorb shock better than the regular soccer shoes, although, you may only be allowed to use turf shoes during practice and not during official tournament.

Here’s a list of the best turf soccer shoes for underpronation (in no particular order):

best soccer shoes underpronation1. Nike Zoom Phantom Venom Pro
2. Nike Phantom Venom Academy
3. Nike Phantom Vision Academy
4. Nike React Phantom Vision Pro
5. Nike MercurialX Finale II
6. Under Armour Magnetico Select
7. New Balance Visaro 2.0 Control
9. adidas MESSI 16.3
10. adidas Mundial Team

Best Underpronation Insoles for Soccer

Here’s a list of the best underpronation insoles for soccer (in no particular order):

best underpronation insoles soccer1. Spenco RX Orthotic Arch Support
2. Spenco RX Full Arch Cushion
3. Spenco Total Support Gel
4. Spenco PolySorb Cross Trainer
5. Spenco PolySorb Walker/Runner
6. Superfeet Premium Berry
7. Superfeet Carbon Insole
8. Superfeet Premium Green
9. Superfeet Premium Orange
10. Sof Sole Athlete Performance Insole

The best Spenco insoles for supination have advanced arch support and deep heel cup which absorb shock and control pronation, as well as, extra cushioning under the ball of the foot which provides smoother transition.

The best Superfeet insoles for supination have maximum support, stability and shock absorption, as well as, extra deep cup which cradles your heel and provides comfortable support by aligning the bones of your foot to prevent heel pain and plantar fasciitis.

If you over supinate and you experience foot pain during a match or practice, you’ll need special shoe inserts to provide the right responsive support. Although, orthotics could alter your feel of the ball and your touch of the special materials that make a clean ball contact, it’ll align your foot so you’ll have less tendency of getting overuse type injury.

When it comes to orthopedic claims, most of these brands don’t state that their shoes are orthopedic (or they stay away from any orthopedic claim) so including their shoes in the list are only based on actual consumer reviews and testimonials. We hope that these shoes will work for you as well.

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