Best Sandals for Flat Feet 2021

by | Updated on September 6, 2021

Our top choices in the best sandals for flat feet are:

  • Sandal for everyday use: VIONIC Wave, a podiatrist-designed sandal that can solve common foot problems.
  • Sandal for recovery: OOFOS OOriginal, an excellent recovery sandal that can help you recover faster and be ready for the next workout.
flat feet

Flat feet (also called pes planus or fallen arches) are normal for children and adolescents (ages 3-19) since the human arch is still developing at this stage. However, children with flat feet may suffer pain in the knee, hip, and lower back.

Flat feet become a postural deformity when you reach early adulthood (ages 20-35) because, during this period, you must have a developed arch.

According to a recent study, up to 30% of the population will not develop the arch on one or both feet. This is because of injury, illness, prolonged stress on the foot, and poor biomechanics. The most susceptible to flat feet are women (ages 35-80) with high blood pressure and diabetes. And it can stay permanent if not dealt with properly.

While most people with flat feet have no problems on their feet, adults can experience pain in the knees, hips, and lower back, too. But according to experts, this defect has fewer injuries compared to high arches. In fact, high arches are four times more injury-prone than flat feet, the experts say.

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What are the Best Sandals for Flat Feet?

The best sandals for flat feet have the following features:

  • They can deliver fair bodyweight distribution from foot strike through toe-off.
  • They have outstanding support on the foot’s arch tendon to correct over flattening of the arch and address various foot problems.
  • They have built-in pronation control for stability and better balance, where a contoured footbed will be a plus for added stability.
  • They can eliminate foot fatigue by aligning your foot to its proper position.

How We Choose a Sandal

We spend many hours testing new sandals and reading new technologies, expert advice, and consumer testimonials on various foot types. And we choose the best sandals for a specific foot type.

Disclosure: We provide links to shoes mentioned in our reviews and use affiliate links to earn commission income from qualifying purchases at no cost to you. This website is an associate of Amazon, KEEN, OOFOS, and Zappos.

Best Sandals for Flat Feet

– OOFOS OOriginal –

OOFOS OOriginal
Image source:

The OOriginal is the flagship sandal of OOFOS designed to relax your tired feet after work or play. It is made from one-piece material: OOfoam recovery cushioning, which can absorb 37% more impact than a traditional footwear foam. This sandal has full arch support and a footbed designed to reduce stress on the knees, ankles, and joints. See full review »

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– Skechers GOwalk Arch Fit –

Skechers GOwalk Arch Fit
Image source:

Skechers is really doing things right these days. With the introduction of their new contoured footbeds designed to mold to your feet and reduce shock during impact, Skechers footwear has become more stable than ever.

But the GOwalk Arch Fit sandal doesn’t only have a contoured footbed; it has podiatrist-certified arch support that can prevent an excessive inward roll of the foot and fix various foot problems.

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– VIONIC Wave –

Image source:

This APMA-accepted toe post sandal is made by a company with an established innovation that can relieve heel pain and control overpronation. It has a built-in orthotic designed to correct biomechanical foot issues.

VIONIC Wave offers a soft, podiatrist-designed footbed with superb arch support that can prevent excessive inward roll of the foot and help alleviate pressure off the heel. It has a lightweight, flexible midsole that is excellent in absorbing shock and relieving stress on the foot, ankle, and knee.

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– KEEN Newport H2 –

KEEN Newport H2
Image source:

The Newport H2 is KEEN’s flagship and best-selling sandal. It’s very comfortable and provides almost perfect stability; It uses a compression-molded EVA midsole with a contoured footbed, which offers an added stability. It has obvious arch support, which prevents over-flattening of the arch and helps align your foot to its proper position.

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– Olukai Ohana –

Olukai Ohana
Image source:

Olukai Ohana is arguably the most famous Hawaiian-inspired sandal. It’s almost perfect in comfort, support, and stability. It has a compression-molded EVA midsole with excellent arch support, which will mold to the shape of your foot from day 1.

The only negative feedback to this light shoe is its weight, which feels a bit heavy on your feet. But it’s durable and can take on any road surface.

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– ECCO Sport Yucatan –

ECCO Sport Yucatan
Image source:

ECCO Sport Yucatan is a tough off-road sandal with a comfortable, stretchable lining designed to comfort you through those long walks. It has a contoured footbed with a soft microfibre cover and full arch support, which can align your body and fix common foot problems.

ECCO Sport Yucatan can take on any adventure from road to trail. It has a durable outsole with a Receptor technology, which adds more stability on uneven surfaces.

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– Mephisto Helen –

Mephisto Helen
Image source:

Mephisto Helen has premium materials and is more expensive than any Birkies. It has a unique cork footbed admired for its almost perfect comfort. Its footbed is contoured with a deep heel cup, which molds to the shape of your foot and gently cradles your heel.

Mephisto Helen has excellent arch support, which prevents the arch from over-flattening, aligns your body, and solves common foot problems.

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– Telic Flip Flop –

Telic Flip Flop
Image source:

Telic Flip Flop is a doctor-recommended recovery sandal designed to relax your tired feet. It has a one-piece, pillow-soft cushioning with a unique heat activation system, which means the foam in this sandal will adapt to your body temperature. But it has a textured footbed, which allows airflow under the foot to avoid overheating. However, it might not be ideal footwear in hot weather.

Telic Flip Flop has full arch support, which prevents excessive inward roll of the foot and helps align your body. And it has a custom deep heel cup designed to gently cradle your heel and add more stability to your foot. See full review »

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– Spenco Yumi Plus –

Spenco Yumi Plus
Image source:

Spenco Yumi Plus flip flop has soft textiles everywhere with Ultra-Fresh lining technology designed to repel odor. It has a TotalSupport EVA footbed, which molds your foot’s shape for unique support to you.

Spenco Yumi Plus has full arch support and a deep heel cup, which help align your body and provide more stability to your foot. Its contoured footbed has a memory foam layer, which provides responsive cushioning and support.

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Final Thoughts

Many people who have flat feet won’t have issues with their feet. And they can wear any cushioned sandals. But if there’s an excessive inward roll of the foot, you’ll be prone to various foot problems and may experience issues with stability and pain in the knees and hips.

But having full arch support on your shoes can solve common foot issues and help align your body so you won’t suffer pain in your knees, hips, and lower back. Other shoe features that may help with stability are a deep heel cup and a contoured footbed.

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  1. I was born with flat feet and have worn corrective shoes since I started walking. I also have an extra bone in my foot slightly below my pinky toe on my right foot. My feet constantly hurt as well as my lower back. I can’t find a summer shoes, sandals, flip flop. I’m desperate to find something I can wear every day with comfort for my issues. Recommendations, please!!! I’m tired of suffering.

    • Hi Teresa. Have you tried OOFOS and VIONIC sandals? They are very comfortable for people with flat feet and have orthopedic features that can support the mechanics and structure of your feet, ankles, and legs. They are among our favorite post-workout footwear.

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