Best Sandals for Arthritis (Joint Disorder)

Relieve joint pain caused by osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis in your knees and feet by wearing the best sandals for arthritis which deliver a softer impact on your muscles and joints

Featured sandal: Olukai Ohana (Best overall, OutdoorGearLab)

Study shows there are more than a hundred different arthritis and when they affect your lower leg joints, the inflammation and pain can hinder you from carrying out your daily tasks. Although, arthritis is more common in women than men, the ones who are most vulnerable are older people who are experiencing muscle loss and reduction of normal amounts of cartilage and those who are highly overweight where excess pounds put more stress to the muscles and joints in the legs and feet during foot landing and toe-off.

But young people can also get arthritis, especially the ones who have infection or injuries in the joints where there is cartilage tissue damage;  those who have a family history of the disease; and those who have problems with their immune system which can limit the flow of important fluids to the joints.

Although the conservative and non-surgical treatments for arthritis seem to focus mainly on relieving the pain and symptoms through medications, you can also help ease pain by wearing proper footwear.

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What are the best sandals for arthritis?

The best sandals for arthritis have excellent cushioning and shock absorption systems which can redirect the force gently away from the affected areas. Although these sandals won’t heal arthritis, they can ease the pain and help you be more capable of doing the things you want to do. These sandals also make a great post-run or post-workout footwear because they give your feet a chance to breathe.

Best Sandals for Arthritis in Women

Here are the best sandals for arthritis in women (in on particular order):

1. Birkenstock Mayari
2. Birkenstock Arizona (most classic, OUTSIDE)
3. Birkenstock Gizeh (best overall, OutdoorGearLab)
4. Clarks Breeze Sea
5. Teva Tirra (best value, OutdoorGearLab)
6. Teva Neota
7. KEEN Bali
8. KEEN Newport H2 (top pick, OutdoorGearLab)
9. KEEN Venice H2 (protection & support, OUTSIDE)
10. Cobb Hill Fiona

Other sandals for arthritis are:

Best Sandals for Arthritis in Men

Here are the best sandals for arthritis in men (in on particular order):

1. OluKai Ohana (best overall, OutdoorGearLab)
2. Spenco Kholo
3. VIONIC Wave
5. Birkenstock Arizona (most classic, OUTSIDE)
6. Birkenstock Gizeh (best overall, OutdoorGearLab)
7. Birkenstock Zurich
8. KEEN Newport H2 (top pick, OutdoorGearLab)
9. Teva Katavi 2
10. Teva Abbett

Other sandals for arthritis are:

In terms of orthopedic claims, most of these brands don’t state that their shoes are orthopedic (or they stay away from any orthopedic claim) but we have included their shoes in the list because of actual consumer reviews and testimonials. We hope that these shoes will work for you.

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