6 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes (Futsal) of 2023

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Our topmost choices for the best indoor soccer shoes (futsal):

  • Synthetic: Adidas X Speedflow.1 IN — a court shoe with the technology of Adidas’ best speed cleat. It has a comfortable and pliable PRIMEKNIT upper with an Engineered Agility Frame for lightweight support in every direction.
  • Leather: Adidas Mundial Goal — a classic court shoe with a thicker leather upper than most leather shoes. It has a comfortable footbed and a grippy molded gum rubber outsole, which provides excellent traction and cushioning on any hard surface.

Indoor soccer (futsal) is the most famous game among soccer players during the winter months or when the weather outside is less desirable. It has a smaller hard court with five players only on each team, including the goalkeeper.

This sport requires a different soccer shoe with a super grippy gum rubber outsole (with no studs) and an upper material similar to a firm ground soccer cleat. You can’t use sneakers in futsal because you need an upper built for striking the ball and a stiffer, grippy outsole that can take on any quick side-to-side movements.

best indoor soccer cleats
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If you play futsal and you’re looking for the best indoor soccer shoes this year, the list below will help you choose your best court shoes. These soccer shoes are top-tier models with the best materials and technology.

The Best Indoor Soccer Shoes of 2023

— Adidas X Speedflow.1 IN —

adidas x speedflow.1 in
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Adidas X Speedflow.1 IN is a fast-court shoe with the best materials and technology of the Adidas X lineup. It is most suitable for the fastest players in the game.

This court shoe has a premium PRIMEKNIT upper, designed to be more comfortable and pliable than its predecessor. Underneath the upper is an Engineered Agility Frame for stability and lightweight support in all directions. It has a stable EVA midsole and rubber outsole, which provides excellent traction and cushioning on hard surfaces.

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— Adidas Mundial Goal —

adidas mundial goal
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If you are looking for a super comfortable leather shoe, Adidas Mundial Goal is your best option. It has a timeless all-leather upper similar to the Copa Mundial, which provides legendary comfort and support. And a plush sole with a molded gum rubber outsole, designed to provide a sure grip and excellent cushioning on indoor surfaces.

For an alternate court shoe during training, use Adidas Samba Classic. It’s cheaper than the Mundial Goal yet also offers a full-grain leather upper and classic court performance.

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— Nike React Legend 9 Pro IC —

nike react tiempo legend 9 pro ic
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The new Tiempo model has improved much in speed and touch on the ball. And this new court shoe also benefits from the latest technology of its firm ground boots. It has Nike React foam cushioning, designed to provide a soft, springy, and stable ride. And it’s the lightest Tiempo ever with a closer-to-the-foot feel for better touch and control of the ball.

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— Mizuno Morelia IN —

mizuno morelia in
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Mizuno Morelia IN is a soccer shoe with an old-school design and modern technology. It has a high-grade kangaroo leather upper with a close-to-the-foot construction that feels less bulky than classic shoes. It is also more lightweight than any classic leather shoes.

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— PUMA FUTURE Z 1.2 Pro Court —

puma future z 1.2 pro court
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PUMA FUTURE Z 1.2 Pro Court is suitable for the most agile players in the game. It has a FUZIONFIT+ adaptive compression band, which supports the entire midfoot as you move and helps lock the foot down through every change of direction.

This shoe has a well-structured upper and a non-marking rubber outsole with a Dynamic Motion System designed to provide stability and follow the foot in all directions.

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— PUMA Ultra 1.3 Pro Court —

puma ultra 1.3 pro court
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PUMA Ultra 1.3 Pro Court has the material and technology of the most lightweight soccer shoe this year, the Ultra 1.3. It has a super light MATRYXEVO technology woven upper with carbon and see-through mono yarns, which provides the most barefoot touch among fast soccer shoes.

The Ultra 1.3 Pro Court has an internal SPEEDCAGE for lightweight multidirectional support and a grippy rubber out designed for rapid acceleration.

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Final Thoughts

The best indoor soccer shoes are versatile court shoes with grippy outsoles and excellent touch and control of the ball. They are like light sneakers that can blend with your outfit even during off-court activities.

However, if you use these court shoes like sneakers, use them for a short period and on smooth surfaces only so they won’t damage their outsoles, lose their grip, and affect your performance on the court.

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