Which shoes do you recommend I try?

A reader asks:


I’ve trouble buying shoes that prevented foot pain for years now. I’ve tried custom insoles last year and just last week ordered another pair from a different company. I have flat feet and been told that I overpronate. But I’ve always had wear on the back heal of my shoes. I went to a running shoe store and was told that I supinate. I have pain along the outside of just my right foot when I walk/run, people tell me that my muscle close to my shin is so tight that my right foot turns outward (most likely why I’ve been told that I overpronate).

So, I guess my question is that since I have flat feet and have foot pain on the outside of my right foot, which shoes do you recommend I try? It’s hard to try on shoes at the store because I wear size 14 and I just want to get another opinion on ones I could try for my situation.

I know this is alot but thank you in advance for any help. Kevin.


Hi Kevin,

Thank you for reaching out. Before we recommend shoes, may we know the name of your current shoe so we can assess if it’s a stability or neutral shoe? Does your current shoe cause foot pain even when you walk? If you have flat feet (or fallen arches), you’ll tend to overpronate and you’ll usually need a stability shoe with excellent arch support so you can maintain good balance and good distribution of body weight across the entire foot surface (not just the heel and forefoot) for a softer impact. People with fallen arches can be heavy at heel strike and without enough arch support, stability can also be compromised which is perhaps the reason why you experience pain on the outside of your right foot because that foot will try hard to stabilize your body. The shoe with great heel support is also very important.

A Follow-up

I’m currently wear the Under Armour Micro G pursuit. I’m currently going through pain every time I walk. But ok, since I have the outside foot pain it doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m experiencing supination? What are the best shoes that you can recommend that would help with stability and arch support? Kevin.

Our Response

Under Armour Micro G Pursuit is a competition running shoe and it’s a minimalist shoe which means it has less support in terms of stability and cushioning compared to a standard cushioned shoe. The Micro G Pursuit also has an 8mm offset/differential (or midsole drop) which is considered a transition drop, so it’s not designed for everyone. The typical midsole drop is 10mm to 12mm which we think is the midsole drop for you since you have a history of foot pain/injury.

Because you have fallen arches, we think that you need an excellent stability shoe so it can absorb impact well and cradles your arch to correct the inward rolling motion that can compromise stability and causes foot pain. If you mix walking and running, the best running shoes to try are ASICS GT-1000 7, ASICS GT-2000 7, ASICS Metarun, New Balance 860v9, and Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19.

If you only have mild flat feet, you can wear a neutral running shoe like Brooks Ghost 11, Brooks Glycerin 17, or New Balance 840v4 since neutral shoes can support up to mild overpronation. In your case, it’s best to try the shoe on before buying. Just remember that the right shoe feels good right away.