Web Hosting Hub Review

If you’re looking for a great shared hosting provider that can help establish your online presence, you might have zeroed in on what you’re looking for. This Web Hosting Hub review will give you everything you need to know about this non-EIG hosting provider, so you can decide for yourself.

Anywhere you go you’ll see positive feedback regarding Web Hosting Hub. This company loves shared hosting and appears to have a solid track record to back it up. But is it any good? Take a look at how it’s compared with other shared hosting providers:

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The only hosting providers missing here are 2 other hosts recommended by WordPress.org (Dreamhost and Laughing Squid, with Bluehost as its #1 recommendation).

Web Hosting Hub (or WHH) is a US-based shared hosting provider with an A+ rating in BBB and perfect stars in CNET. This hosting provider has 2 data centers that are using Dell servers, which apparently give them the speed advantage over other hosting providers with only 1 data center.

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Activating Your Account

Before you can enjoy a fully activated account with Hub, your order will first undergo a verification by phone, where you’ll have to give away general information about your website. This process makes Hub unique and you’ll get the feeling that their accounts are well-monitored and that you’ll belong to a good neighborhood who will shared the same IP address with you.

Email Protection

Aside from the obvious 90-day full Money Back Guarantee, Hub’s clear advantage over other shared hosting providers is email protection. This email service from McAfee is not available in other famous providers. With Hub you’ll have an extra protection from harmful emails, although this service is not part of the standard package and you’ll pay a fee to enjoy email protection.

Hosting Speed

Hub appears to be faster than Bluehost in website speed, although Bluehost may have better security, especially with file permissions. We’ve tested it several times using 2 of our websites of the same WordPress theme. Although, shared hosting speed is not always consistent, Hub’s speed was under 2 seconds.

Data Centers & Security

Hub uses optimized Dell servers that can host WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, PhpBB, and other popular scripts. For security sake, Hub uses single user PHP (or suPHP), a cPanel recommended module that has an advanced permission system to protect your system files.

Payment Method & Shopping Tips

Hub only accepts credit card payment. This may be a strategy to keep the renew price lower than other hosting providers that accept Paypal payments. Hub tends to be upfront with its service fees and will only charge you of the services you use.

Just like any other hosting provider, Hub offers big discount for new customers, so it’s a good idea to go for a 3-year plan to save cash. Besides, you can always go for their 90-day full refund if things won’t go well with you.

P.S. WebhostingHub.com currently has 3 unlimited hosting plans (Spark, Nitro, and Dynamo) to help grow your business. If you don’t like to share IP with others, you can buy from their dedicated IP program.

Disclosure: WebhostingHub.com is a leading web hosting provider and we are promoting their shared hosting plans to you (and using our affiliate link). As an associate/affiliate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Want to know how we’re funded?