Reasons Why We Choose Sucuri Web Security

Whenever you see a Sucuri badge, it means you’re browsing a safe website. How safe? A Sucuri-protected site can be thoroughly monitored for signs of compromise as often as every six hours. It’s not just a badge, it’s an honest display that the website is independently monitored by a third party web security company ( and that security reports are in real time and certainly not manipulated. Go ahead and click the badge below and see what Sucuri says about our site.

sucuri web security
Sucuri badge will show that site is verified to be secure and free of malware. Since we want to make sure we’re always up and running, we’ve chosen a security scan frequency of every six hours so our system is thoroughly monitored for any unwanted code or possible security breach.

Our site is already optimized and tweaked for a strong online defense and we invest in patching every weakness we discover to deliver a worry-free browsing of all our posts and pages. But in case Sucuri security detects any unwanted code, we submit a ticket and their 24/7 support will clean it for us within 3 hours. How’s that for a web security? Anyway, this site has never been compromised since it started a few years ago and we hope it will stay that way.

But online security can change in an instant and if you’re not that techy, you’ll easily get puzzled with even the simplest of problems. There are other excellent web security services you can trust but here are major reasons why we choose Sucuri web security:

Sucuri Website Monitoring

Just after sign up, a Sucuri specialist will connect your site with, performs the website monitoring scan for the first time, then generates a security report. The report will look similar to the famous Sucuri free website malware scanner only that there are few more details for the premium user. You can easily set the frequency of this monitoring to every 6 hours.

Here’s our actual website monitoring status:

sucuri web security

Sucuri Blacklist Monitoring

There are 8 major blacklisting services you need to pass (Google, Norton, McAfee, ESET, PhishTank, Yandex, SiteAdvisor, and Opera by AVG) if you want to continually build a successful website. These services make sure that your site is always in tip-top shape and beneficial to your online visitor. can monitor your site’s status every six hours in these services with complete reference to their reports.

Here’s our actual blacklist monitoring status:

sucuri review 2014

Sucuri Server Side Scanner

This is Sucuri’s deep scanner. Sucuri server side scanner will scan every file and directory on your website and will look for any sign of compromise. And if the scanner detects an unwanted code, you can submit a malware removal request and Sucuri experts will clean it for you. According to Sucuri, you might experience downtime during the cleaning process, so do your absolute best to avoid it by making sure you do the other security measures to keep your site always running – invest on it.

Here’s our actual server side scanner status:

sucuri review 2014

One great option is to install a powerful security & firewall plugin. Sucuri also has its own website firewall that’s capable of stopping malware before it hits your site, speed up your site, and keep it running. Here at, we also monitor site activities, such as, log bots, crawlers, and spiders, using Clicky web analytics.

Services Worth Every Penny

Sucuri has (probably) the most affordable website protection services that can match other highly reputable web security services. Sucuri experts are equally capable the reason they get good reviews here and there.

sucuri web security

Peace of Mind

With today’s fast-paced technology, it would be very difficult (perhaps impossible) to perfectly defend your site from the ever-growing online security risks, so we’re sure we’ve made a smart choice of putting our site’s security in the hands of experts. Try Sucuri web security now and secure your site today.

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