StudioPress Themes Review: Top 10 Best Sellers

It’s easy to get lost in the midst of good-looking themes but what really counts is an intelligent design that can give a strong balance between beauty and speed. This is one advantage of best selling themes because they tend to have great designs and powerful frameworks, not just loved by many but are constantly updated to meet today’s web standards.

When it comes to powerful frameworks, Genesis framework seems to have the most preferred design in WordPress. For this post, we revisit StudioPress, designer of the extremely famous Genesis framework, and write a review about their 10 best selling themes for February 2014.

StudioPress Top 10 WordPress Themes

These themes are coded with the best of HTML5, a core technology of the Internet. HTML5 makes your site ready for whatever future changes to the web.

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parallax pro theme1. Parallax theme: an impressive new theme with parallax scrolling found in Windows and Android. This mobile responsive theme keeps your web site in a full-screen narrative order.
foodie theme2. Foodie theme: a powerful responsive theme with a minimal and clean design capable of putting your brand in a spotlight. This theme is best suited for home and recipe pages.
executive theme by studiopress3. Executive theme: a responsive theme that can put your project in a spotlight. This theme is probably the most famous business theme in StudioPress; it’s always in the top 10 since 2012.
studiopress themes review top 10 best selling wordpress themes4. Epik theme: a new responsive theme with the stylish looks of Windows, Android, and iOS7. This theme is #1 in 3 successive months.
lifestyle theme by studiopress5. Lifestyle theme: a multi-purpose theme with a carefully designed compact layout suitable for any express yourself blog, portfolio, and magazine-style site.
magazine theme6. Magazine theme: a versatile and responsive magazine theme designed to work well with the publisher. It’s the magazine theme of StudioPress.
modern blogger theme7. Modern Blogger theme: a responsive theme with a contemporary design especially made for bloggers.
agency theme by studiopress8.  Agency theme: it’s the e-commerce theme of StudioPress. This responsive theme has the smart looks and easy to use features designed to run any online shop you can think of.
metro theme by studiopress9. Metro theme: a responsive theme that mimics the tiled designs of Windows 8. This theme has a modern magazine-style layout.
news theme by studiopress10. News theme: a responsive theme designed for heavy content which involves text, images, audio, and videos.

8 Reasons for Choosing Genesis Framework

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Genesis code is clean and optimized for best search engine rankings. Genesis SEO supports microdata from as well as Google Authorship identification. SEO strategies of Genesis framework are handled by Greg Boser, president of Foundation Digital.
  2. Responsive HTML5 Designs – Genesis is responsive and can make your site fluid in any viewport. Using HTML5, the new code standard of the Internet, your site will always be driven to perform well in various browsers as well as adjust to whatever future changes to the web.
  3. Unlimited Everything – Genesis has unlimited technical support, unlimited theme updates, and you can use it for as many web sites as you like.
  4. Airtight Security – Genesis has the best WordPress security practices to protect your site from vulnerabilities. Its security is handled by Mark Jaquith, a lead developer of WordPress.
  5. Instant Updates – Since WordPress 3.8 “Parker”, security was dramatically increased via automatic updates of WordPress core files. Now, you don’t have to call your webmaster just to update your WordPress because it can update by itself. Genesis takes advantage of this approach by making it easy for you to update, apply improvements, and get rid of current vulnerabilities.
  6. Customizable and Fast – Genesis is easy to install, delivers a fast web site, and is highly customizable. You can set up your site the easiest possible way and if you change your mind later, you can customize it with just a few clicks without sacrificing the speed performance.
  7. Widget and Layout Options – Genesis has been widgetized for easy page layout. These custom widgets were designed to deliver flexible and professional designs.
  8. Developers You Can Trust – StudioPress doesn’t hide its top Genesis developers.

P.S. If you want to build a smarter web site, go for the best sellers of StudioPress.

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