Simfo Theme: A Minimal WordPress Theme

Many people are fascinated by how a minimal theme can showcase beautiful typography and images in a site. But a well-designed minimal theme has great attention to details and has a smart management of white space. For this particular blog, we use Simfo theme, a responsive minimal theme perfect for portfolio and any blog site.


You can squeeze your browser to the smallest width and you’ll see that all components of this site will adjust to the new screen resolution (and fashionably arranged). You can also try it with your iPad, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry and have the same results. Simfo theme can be viewed in all viewports without any problem at all. This is the power of a responsive design.

The Themify Framework

Simfo theme uses Themify framework, a powerful WordPress framework with the most user-friendly design we’ve tried so far. The awesome part of this framework is the drag & drop tool, named Themify Builder, where you can literally drag & drop components of your page for an easy publishing. Themify Builder can build complex grid layouts easily (with better ways to display your content); this tool is the first we’ve seen in WordPress. It’s also available as a WordPress plugin, so you won’t have to give up your current theme just to use this tool.

Site Font Combination

Great font combination is not only a key to lasting impression, it’s also a core strength of every web site. We know that your eyes will never get tired looking at the gorgeous Georgia font and it’s also perfect for this theme, so we use it in the body text. Georgia can always encourage the human eye to read and investigate.

See how the headings work well with the body text? When Georgia (body) is combined with Old Standard TT (heading), the result delivers a corporate look with a personal touch. This font combination works best in white background (or minimal design).

The Old Standard TT will always be familiar to our eyes because it’s used in many books. In fact, this familiar font will remind us of the books we’ve read when we were children. The original font combination for Simfo is Old Standard TT (heading) and Palatino Linotype (body); it’s a combination perfect for a fashionable site.

Themify Themes

Themify has over 40 WordPress themes, most of these themes have minimal designs. And If you’re looking for a unique design, Themify is one of those sites you must consider. This WordPress developer has a unique style and formula for building WordPress themes. You’ll notice it right away the moment you see Themify.

Themify themes are perfect for both start-up and complex web sites, both personal and business designs. This WordPress developer has a community of loyal followers who consider it as having the best technical support to get you started. As for the design of this site, Simfo theme has stand out from the rest and looks perfect for all our posts.

P.S. If you want your site to appear like it’s been designed by an expert, Themify is the one to choose.

Disclosure: is a leading developer of premium WordPress themes and we are promoting their Simfo WordPress theme (and using our affiliate link). As an associate/affiliate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Want to know how we’re funded?