What is Genesis Framework?

Genesis framework is a leading support design that delivers a smart WordPress foundation. Running over 86,000 sites across the Internet, Genesis has many satisfied users who speak about it with high regard. So, what is Genesis framework and what makes it different from other frameworks?

The Genesis SEO Power

According to its developers, Genesis ensures the best rankings possible while you work hard to publish quality content for the whole world to see. Genesis makes a strong emphasis on SEO power; this framework is search engine optimized via semantic codes. So, if Genesis is that good, who’s the brilliant mind behind its SEO power? His name is Greg Boser, partner and SVP of BlueGlass Interactive.

WordPress Genesis Theme Designs

Genesis is a robust WordPress theme that takes advantage of the power of child themes which enable you to change the look and personality of any WP site without altering the content. According to Matt Mullenweg (founder, WordPress), child themes and a framework are the only way you should build your WordPress site.

Here’s a sample Genesis child theme:

genesis framework theme

StudioPress, the developer of Genesis framework, has over 40 themes designed for personal and business use.

Unlimited Everything

Genesis offers unlimited support and updates. You don’t need a developer license for this framework, so you can use it for as many sites as you like. You can also use all available child themes now and in the future.

Genesis Security

WordPress, being the most popular script on the Internet today, faces daily challenges from hackers who want to break in and destroy any vulnerable WordPress site. Being fully aware of the need for security, Genesis promises a rock-solid security with the help of Mark Jaquith, a WordPress leading developer. This framework ensures the best security practices of WordPress script.

Instant Updates

Genesis offers an easy push-button update to get the latest framework improvements and vulnerability fix.

Easily Customizable

Genesis is widget ready with theme options that allow total control over settings in font, post, widget, and so on; comment functionality that allows threaded comments and Gravatar; advertising section that supports promotional codes from Adsense, Clicksor, and so on; multi-language support for site localization; auto-sized featured images for consistent image display; and framework tutorials.

Widgets and Layout Options

You can easily customize Genesis theme because it does more than just displaying widgets in sidebars. Genesis has custom widgets that you can use in any area of your site. These widgets are My Tweets, User Profile, eNews & Updates, Featured Posts, and Featured Page.

This framework has 6 layout options to cater your version of ideal web page.


Using a smart framework makes it easy to change the pre-existing features of WordPress. The clear advantage of Genesis over other frameworks is in its child themes. Genesis is a top notch, knowing that trusted names in WordPress are among its developers.

You’ll end up saving cash with Genesis if you have multiple sites because it’s available as an individual product and doesn’t need a developer license, which means you can use it for as many sites as you like.

What is your experience with Genesis? Feel free to share it.

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