Footprints in the Sand Jewelry

Updated on November 26, 2016

footprints sand jewelry

The Footprints in the Sand (or Footprints) allegorical text is one of the greatest sources of inspiration used by man to strengthen and encourage himself through times of trouble. This famous poem simply describes a dream of a man walking with God (whom he called Lord) along the beach and leaving two sets of footprints in the sand, one belonging to him and the other to God. The most intriguing part of the story was when the two sets of footprints became one.

Just when the man started to get confused and thought that he was walking through life alone, he got the reply he never expected. To his surprise, the lone set of footprints he saw in the sand was the footprints of God carrying him in those times of trouble when the path was hardest to tread.

You can search high and low but this amazing poem will never be far from those great inspirational quotes that can give you that extra courage to face life. Personally, it’s best to have it where you can easily be reminded of it, or just wear it in a jewelry wherever you go.

Footprints in the Sand Jewelry

Here’s a list of the most beautiful footprints in the sand jewelries (in no particular order):

footprints sand jewelry1. Sterling Silver Footprints In The Sand Religious Ring
2. Ring Spinner Two-tone Gold Silver Stainless Steel
3. Two-tone Gold Silver Stainless Steel Band Ring
4. Stainless Steel Spinner Ring & Bracelet Gift Set
5. Sterling Silver Footprints in the Sand Ring
6. Footprints In The Sand Stainless Steel Cuff Bracelet
7. Silver Bangle Charm Stretch Prayer Poem Bracelet
8. Footprints in the Sand Stainless Steel Necklace
9. Footprints in the Sand Necklace & Spinner Ring
10. Three Prayer Pendants, Charm, Necklace (Heart Shape)
11. Footprints in the sand Bracelet (solid sterling silver)
12. Sterling Silver Footprints In The Sand Wedding Ring

Other awesome footprints in the sand jewelries are:

  • Black Footprints In The Sand Prayer Ring
  • Baby Feet Footprints in the Sand Spin Ring
  • Sterling Silver and 14 KT Gold Ring

When things go wrong and there seems to be no one else on earth who can help, don’t wait for your strength to fail you – go for the help that comes from above.