Faith Hope Love Ring

Updated on November 24, 2016

faith hope love ring

The ring is an age old symbol of endless devotion which was first used in wedding ceremonies some 4800 years ago. It was believed to have been originally made from a grass-like plant material placed around a finger of someone special. But the idea of using such a delicate material didn’t last long and was eventually replaced (overtime) by a more lasting material such as silver and gold to keep the bond going.

Faith, hope, and love are three inseparable words that can make a person experience peace or have a sense of completeness in life regardless of its situation. If you have faith in a person, you have complete trust and confidence in that person. If you hope for something, you have an optimistic attitude of mind desiring for certain good things to happen. Love is a variety of different things and it can be defined as an intense feeling of deep affection towards a person. Among these three powerful and awesome words, love is considered the greatest.

The ring can easily be found where love and friendship are present so if you’re looking to impress your friend or loved one of your unwavering devotion or remind yourself to stand your ground amidst challenges in life, doing it with a ring is one of the dearest options you got.

Faith Hope Love Ring

Here’s a list of the most inspiring faith, hope, and love rings (in no particular order):

faith hope love ring1. Sterling Silver 925 Faith Hope Love Ring
2. Princess Cut Jewelry Faith Hope Love Purity Ring
3. Faith Hope Love Christian Band Ring
4. Cutout Cross Stainless Steel Faith Hope Love Ring
5. Engraved Inspirational Sterling Silver Ring
6. Unique Sterling Silver Love Hope Faith Band Ring
7. Sterling Silver Love Hope Faith Inspirational Ring
8. Hope Faith Love Filigree Stretch Scripture Ring
9. Carolina Glamour Collection Sterling Silver Ring Set
10. Faith Hope Dream Love Peace Joy Ring
11. Faith Love Hope Band Purity Promise Ring
12. Faith Love Hope Interlocking Modern Ring
13. 1 Corinthians 13:13 Faith Hope Love Ring
14. 3-Band Rolling Russian Wedding Ring
15. Wedding Anniversary Faith Love Hope Ring

Show faith that can move mountains, hold on to the things you hope for, and show great love through small wonders like the ring. Let these three words (faith, hope, and love) go with your loved one wherever they go.